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 Little girl wearing glasses

2015-03-30 01:09:56

Book your children’s eye test
Looking after little eyes

Having your first eye test can be scary – for you parents as well as the kids! That’s why Harrold Opticians and Chilton Watson go the extra mile to ensure your little one feels completely at ease while their eyes are being cared for.

Regular eye tests for children are an absolute must. As they grow and develop, the majority of what kids learn is visually based and if there is a problem, you may not even realise they are struggling with it. Make sure your child reaches their full potential and is seeing the world around them just as it should be by booking their first test today. We also have a fantastic range of children’s glasses to choose from, come in and see!

2015-03-30 01:12:43

Eye health: an education

Harrold Opticians is proud to be involved in the Transitions Scheme for children, ‘Eye Care Eye Know’.

This scheme, in association with the National Schools Partnership, has been created specifically for key stage 2 children. It aims to bring teachers and eye care professionals together to improve the knowledge of eye health in an innovative and fun way for children.

2015-03-30 01:17:02

6 reasons
to book your kids’ eye test

2015-03-30 01:39:51

Eye tests for children are no longer mandatory at school – so if you don’t book your children’s eye test, no one will!

All under 16s are entitled to a FREE eye test plus money towards kids’ glasses on the NHS

Up to the age of 12, 80% of learning is visual – your child may be struggling unnecessarily

1 in 5 children in the UK have an undetected eye problem. Make sure yours isn’t one of them!

An optician’s eye test for babies/toddlers is more comprehensive than a doctor's – it’s never too early!

All children’s glasses at Harrold Opticians are designed to last and fitted by experts

Fashion forward kids’ glasses


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