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2015-04-01 21:55:57

Take control of your
vision with contact lenses

Here at Harrold Opticians we believe if you haven’t tried you’ll never know… So as long as you’re willing, we are more than happy to fit contact lenses for you.

A practical and discreet solution to better vision, disposable contact lenses blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. From daily to monthly to coloured contact lenses, you will find exactly what you’re looking for here.

Not sure contact lenses are right for you? If you suffer from dry eyes, or think you are too squeamish then we can help. With our free, no obligation trial, you can see what the world would be like looking through contact lenses... There’s nothing to lose so arrange your trial today!

2015-04-01 21:55:59

All the leading contact lens brands

2015-04-01 21:56:09

What type of contact lenses are right for you?

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2015-04-01 21:56:10

Daily contact lenses

Start every day with fresh eyes with daily contact lenses! There’s no need to use solutions or carry around bulky cases – you simply throw them away at the end of the day.

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2015-04-01 21:56:12

Monthly contact lenses

Monthly contact lenses are made of stronger stuff so are suitable to use for a longer period of time. As they are re-suable they do work out to be more cost-effective than daily disposable contact lenses.

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2015-04-01 21:56:14

Twice monthly contact lenses

More cost-effective than daily disposables but less upkeep than monthly contact lenses, twice monthly contact lenses are the perfect middle ground.

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2015-04-01 21:56:19

Coloured contact lenses

If you want to change the colour of your eyes for cosmetic reasons, or even for a fancy dress party, then we can help. It is always advisable to get your coloured contact lenses fitted by professionals like us.

2015-04-01 21:56:33

Soft contact lens demonstration

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Try something new with contact lenses!
Get in touch today to book your free, no obligation trial

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